Workforce Analytics Team

Lisa Spiden
CEO and founder

Lisa founded Workforce Analytics in 2012 having spent many years working with clients to help drive productivity and profitability through strategic HR management of their workforces. She previously worked in Senior HR roles for The Just Group, Foster’s Group, Barclays Capital, HSBC and most recently the CEO & Founder of the boutique HR consulting business fibreHR.

She is passionate about helping businesses be leaders in their industries by utilising data and insights to improve customer service, profitability and business performance.

Lisa is responsible for the overall business strategy, management & product development at Workforce Analytics.

Heng Soon Gan
Head of Commercial Mathematics

Heng-Soon joined Workforce Analytics during its inception and has over twenty years of experience in unlocking commercial value in complex systems via data, mathematics and computer science. He previously worked at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (University of Melbourne) and IBM Research as a lecturer, researcher and consultant.

He is passionate about taking organisations on a workforce improvement and optimisation journey that is practical, scientific and commercially viable.

Heng-Soon is responsible for laying the mathematical foundations in the delivery of products and services at Workforce Analytics.

Cathy Smith
Delivery Manager

Cathy is our lead delivery consultant ensuring clients get results that are on-time, on-budget and exceeding expectations wherever possible. She brings years of rostering expertise and business acumen to ensure your rosters are compliant, cost-efficient, and meeting your specific business requirements.

Steve Lingard
Finance & Operations Manager

Steve has been driving productivity and efficiency at major FMCG facilities for many years. He has previously held senior strategic roles at Fosters Group managing the Capital Expenditure Program globally as well as Transformation and Integration Programs.

He is passionate about maximising return on investment at every level.

Steve is responsible for being a Client liaison as well as supporting the Workforce Analytics Team.